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Oman Airports Management Company signs MoU with DHL

DHL Boeing 767-200

Oman Airports Management Company (OAMC) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with DHL Express.

Within the framework of the MoU, both parties have agreed to discuss cooperation in regards to growing capabilities within the logistics sector across Oman’s airports.

The MoU aligns with OAMC’s objective to facilitate growth of the logistic services industry, which is identified as one of the key contributors in the Sultanate’s economic diversification drive.

Representing OAMC at the signing ceremony was Sheikh Aiman bin Ahmed Al-Hosni, CEO of OAMC, while representing DHL Express was Nour Suliman, CEO, DHL Express Middle East and North Africa. Attending the signing ceremony was HE Yahya bin Said Al-Jabri, Chairman of OAMC, HE Dr. Mohammed bin Nasser Al-Zaabi, CEO of PACA, Brigadier Ali bin Abdullah al Marhoon, Director General of Airports Security at the ROP, Paul Gregorowitsch, CEO of Oman Air, Colonel Pilot Said Abdullah Al-Hajri, Assistant General Director of Airport Security, and Ali Thabet, General Manager of DHL Express Oman, together with a number of senior officials from OAMC and DHL Express.


(Photo credit: Oman Airports Management Company)

Commenting on the signing ceremony, Sheikh Aiman bin Ahmed Al-Hosni sadi:

“In line with its efforts to diversify the economy, the Government of Oman is focussing on a number of key economic sectors. The logistics industry is one such sector which can play an important role the country given the Sultanate’s ideal geographical position and strong infrastructure base. Stemming from the main role of airports in the strategic logistics plan for Oman, OAMC considered the importance of building a cooperative relationship with one of the leading international players in the logistics industry – DHL Express.

“The cooperation comes as part of OAMC’s commitment to support national strategic plans. Over the coming period we will implement the memorandum signed today to pave the way for one of the largest logistics centers regionally at the Muscat International Airport.”

Nour Suliman, CEO, DHL Express Middle East and North Africa said:

“Oman’s ideal geographical location covers one of the most important logistics tracks for the movement of trade in the region. In the past few years, Oman has witnessed an unprecedented boom in infrastructure including roads, airports, and ports, which will play a major role in facilitating international trade movement in the region. Therefore, we are looking forward to being a key contributor in this important period. The memorandum signed with OAMC aims to discuss ways of future cooperation and contribution towards strengthening the logistics plan of Oman.”

“OAMC, earlier this year, announced its strategy for the coming five years titled ‘Growing gateways to beauty and opportunity’, which aims for Oman airports to be ranked amongst the top 20 airports in the world by 2020. Our memorandum with DHL paves the way for Muscat International Airport to play major role in securing opportunities to support various businesses in Oman. We also aim to provide job opportunities for Omani youth in a promising sector, as well as boosting aviation and cargo movement at the airport; which will be positively reflected on Oman as a growing regional logistic center connecting East with the West and North with the South. This MoU also falls in line with the launch of the Oman International Logistics Group, a Government holding company aimed at developing and growing this important sector,” Al Hosni added.

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