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Russian Helicopters to sign contracts with India’s Army, Navy and Home Affairs Ministry

During the Russia-India conference on after-sales service for Russian-made helicopters, Russian Helicopters (part of State Corporation Rostec) proposed developing the after-sales service provision for Russian-made helicopters operated in India.

A long-term contract between India’s Army, Navy and Home Affairs Ministry and Russian Helicopters is one of the steps envisaged as part of these improvements to the after-sales system. This contract will have a term from 3 to 5 years and will boost cooperation on after-sales service for helicopters, while also making it possible to establish a system for further cooperation under contracts.

Another key step in further developing after-sales service systems for Russian-made helicopters operated in India involves delivering the latest ground-based service and equipment testing facilities, improving these operations and automating a number of technical maintenance and helicopter repair procedures.

Russian Helicopters plans to build new infrastructure and upgrade existing facilities for the maintenance and repair of Russian-made helicopters. The first step will focus on modernising helicopters already supplied, in particular their gears, fuel system, radio-navigation equipment and communications systems, fitting them with new engines and auxiliary power units, and also modernising helicopters to boost protection against terrorist threats.

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