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Sky Lounge Services Expands in Style Yet Again

In light of the increase in market share and flight bookings, Sky Lounge Services has expanded its fleet to be able to match its clients’ requests

Sky Lounge Services has made remarkable strident upgrades throughout the past year.

Other than its expanding aviation fleet, the notable Lebanese private aviation and business aviation services company is standing out with its higher safety standards, reliability and operational efficiency. These characteristics have afforded it the opportunity to sell, operate and manage different private aircraft, to charter flights, to welcome its respected customers at its luxurious VIP Lounge, and it is soon adding ground handling services to its FBO profile. To meet the client’s business and lifestyle demands, Sky Lounge’s aircraft have seen almost all destinations within the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia.

The Middle East has generally been a success story, business and private aviation wise throughout the recent years. Located at the crossroads of Asia, Europe and Africa, and within an 8-hour flight time radius of 80% of the world population, the Middle East has a much competitive advantage in terms of traffic connecting these regions. Following the significant growth of flying hours, quotations and air traffic in the Gulf region, Lebanon is finally merging into that wave and rising above the shocks of the political turmoil in the wider region and the remains of the global economic crisis. This increase in peace and stability is attracting more trade, business and tourism to the country, and as we can see, the industry is indeed spreading out in the region and the trending market is expanding. According to new figures released by Bombardier’s Market Forecast, the Middle East is set to be the fastest developing region for business aviation in the world, with an estimated 7% fleet growth by 2030.

In light of Sky Lounge Services’ increase in market share and overload of flight bookings, it had to expand its AOC fleet to be able to match its clients’ augmenting requests. Correspondingly, it recently acquired a newly refurbished Challenger 605, which started operating in August 2017.

Following five generations of Bombardier’s most successful line, the Challenger series somehow managed to move from great to even greater, making it one of Sky Lounge’s top choices for its foundational aircraft additions. The aircraft thoroughly exemplifies the Middle Eastern market’s preference shift from traditional business jets to wider and more modern aircraft. As an upgrade to the Challenger 604 which was recognizably the best-selling model in the heavy-iron category, the Challenger 605 maintains every applauded feature of its predecessor, all whilst magnifying innovation, comfort and performance capabilities. It updated its instrumentation from the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 4 to the Pro Line 21 avionics system with an electronic flight bag capability, an upgraded Ethernet-based management system, wider video monitors, a rounder tailcone, larger cabin windows, an opulent galley area, more solid work tables and enhanced LED lighting. Most noticeably, it now provides the widest cabin of its category, which typically accommodates 10-12 passengers. The Challenger 605 is indeed designed with more relaxation, leisure and work space and flexibility than any other intercontinental super midsized private jet.

Overall, with the perfect combination of innovative aesthetics and cutting-edge machinery, the Challenger 605 evidently offers more in every dimension, lending Sky Lounge Services yet again much advantage and advancement in its market standing.

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