Royal Thai Air Force Orders Third Sukhoi Business Jet

Royal Thai Air Force
Sukhoi Civil Aircraft

Sukhoi Civil Aircraft, SuperJet International and the Royal Thai Air Force signed a contract for the delivery of another Sukhoi Business Jet.

This aircraft represents the third Sukhoi Business Jet, that will join the fleet of the Royal Air Force of Thailand in 2018.

The deal confirms the steady cooperation between Sukhoi Civil Aircraft and the Royal Thai Air Force, that began in September 2014. The Royal Thai Air Force received two similar aircraft under the previous contract in July 2016, configured with three different areas: a 4-seat VIP area, a 6-seat Business Area and a standard area with capacity for up to 50 passengers.

The third aircraft will be delivered in a two-cabin layout with common zone for VIP and business class and will have greater capacity, up to 73 passengers, including 4 VIP passengers. It will be equipped with the latest passenger comfort systems, including various types of communication and the Inflight-Entertainment multimedia system. Its operating range is more than 4500 km.

The Sukhoi Business Jet, including the interior, is built and assembled at the production plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Russia. Sukhoi Civil Aircraft will also provide the after-sales support on site in Thailand. Crew training will be held at SuperJet International’s training center in Venice. The aircraft is scheduled to be delivered in 2018.

To date, Sukhoi has delivered 111 aircraft to several customers in Russia, Central Europe, Central America and Southeast Asia. Eight of them are the aircraft in the business configuration (Sukhoi Business Jet) and jets with special purposes (air hospital for EMERCOM, for border aviation regiment).

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