NTSB issues brief update on the Delta Air Lines accident at LaGuardia

Delta MD88

As part of its ongoing investigation into yesterday’s accident at LaGuardia Airport where Delta Air Lines flight 1086, which originated in Atlanta, Georgia, veered off the runway during the landing sequence, the NTSB today released an investigative update.

Shortly after the accident occurred, an NTSB investigator arrived on scene to secure the flight data and the cockpit voice recorders from the accident aircraft as well as coordinate the NTSB”s investigative activities with local officials. The recorders were returned to the NTSB Laboratory in Washington, DC late last night and are being downloaded and auditioned today.

Earlier this morning, two additional investigators arrived on scene in New York, including Dan Bower, a senior aviation accident investigator with the NTSB and the Investigator-in-Charge of this accident. Accompanying the IIC was an airworthiness expert from the NTSB.

Since last night, the following has occurred:

– The airplane has been moved to a hangar for more detailed examination and further documentation by investigators.

– A second team of investigators with expertise in operations, human performance, and maintenance flew to Delta Air Lines’ headquarters in Atlanta, GA and beginning tomorrow, will conduct crew interviews and review the maintenance records for the accident airplane.

– The CVR was successfully downloaded. It contains two hours of good quality recordings and captured the entire flight. 

– The FDR, which is being downloaded this afternoon, is a 25 hour tape-based recorder. It captured the entire flight and approximately 50 parameters of data, including things such as airspeed, altitude, heading, and information on engines and flight controls.

– The audition of the recorders is underway and factual data from the recorders will be released when available. 

– Parties to the investigation include the Federal Aviation Administration, Delta Air Lines, the Air Line Pilots Association, Boeing, and Pratt & Whitney.

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