How Often Are Airplanes Checked for Maintenance?


Many thousands of parts make up an airplane, which is one of the most complex vehicles in the world. To ensure the safety of their respective crews and passengers, they require regular maintenance. But how often are airplanes checked? In spite of the fact that there are different types of commercial airplanes, they are all very … Read more

Best Planes for Beginner Pilots


Summer is indeed one of the best seasons for pilots. During the sunny warm days, you can fly away to any place you like with full visibility. You probably must never have thought of owning a personal airplane, but that certainly can be made true. But we have picked up some of the most affordable … Read more

Old Double-Winged Airplane – Everything you need to know

Old Double-Wing Airplane

In traditional times we often came across movies such as Indiana  Jones or maybe some other military movie where we could see traditional aircraft with two pairs of wings, but it was a rare view in real life. The first aircraft to take flight in the sky was a double-winged airplane. The basic question arises where … Read more

How High Do Planes Fly?

How High Do Planes Fly?

If you’re wondering how planes fly at such high altitudes? You are in the right place. Here you will get all the necessary information and reasons behind it. Generally, commercial airplanes fly at about 35,000 feet at around 6.62 miles. If you fly frequently, you will hardly notice the regular stages of a flight.  As … Read more

Where Do Pilots Get Weather Information

Pilots often fly in all types of weather conditions and climates, and sometimes this weather can be unpredictable. It is an important job, as the weather can often cause unnecessary complications during flights. There are many things that can be affected by the weather on a flight. Sp, where do pilots get weather information to … Read more

Aviation Lights For Aircraft


Operating an aircraft requires the use of lights. To ensure our safety, lighting will always be essential, whether at airports to guide us or on aircraft to help us be seen. Regardless of how fast or slow an airplane flies, aviation lights aircraft are critical for pilots and aviation personnel. Let’s understand more about aviation … Read more

How Fast Do Airplanes Go?


The speed of planes is really fast. Let’s get this out of the way first. The question is, how fast do planes really go? You know how fast airplanes fly if you’ve ever been on one. The difference between a single-engine turboprop and a jet-powered military aircraft is substantial. The purpose of this article is … Read more