Cargolux and its social partners reach new deal on work agreement


The Cargolux management and its social partners OGBL and LCGB have achieved a major breakthrough in yesterday’s round of negotiations on a new collective work agreement (CWA) for the airline’s staff.

It clears the road to growth and financial sustainability, sealing a strong pact for the future of the Cargolux Group where all parties underline that they share a common vision for stability, sustainable growth and prosperity at Cargolux.

The last intensive rounds of negotiations focused on crew related items. The perseverance of the negotiating teams yielded a principle agreement with both unions on the new CWA terms that sends a strong signal on the Company’s commitment to job security for our staff and an increased support towards maintaining the competitiveness of Luxembourg as the prime air freight hub in Europe.

The principles agreed yesterday by all parties for the CWA, twinned with the decision to invest in new jobs, amongst other 100 new pilots and an additional aircraft for Luxembourg, pave the way for the realization of Cargolux’s vision to be the Global Cargo Carrier of Choice.

With this new CWA, the parties are expressing their commitment to move forward, boosting further Cargolux’s leading market position in Europe coupled with its growth in Asia through the implementation of the Luxembourg – Zhengzhou dual hub strategy.

Cargolux and its social partners are happy to have arrived at this positive result and will continue to fully focus their joint efforts towards enhancing the success of the company.

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