Cargolux Board approves 100 additional pilot jobs


Amidst the background of ongoing discussions with the unions about a new collective work agreement, the Cargolux Board of Directors has approved a significant expansion strategy for the company in its meeting of 25 November.

The next meeting with the unions is scheduled to take place on 30 November and Cargolux is confident that based on the Board decision an agreement can be reached subject to LCGB accepting the job security agreement and a compromise on the very few remaining open items.

Following yesterday’s board approval, Cargolux will implement a series of investments that confirms the airline’s aim to be the ‘Global Cargo Carrier of Choice’ and strengthens its position as a leading worldwide supplier of high quality air cargo services. Cargolux will hire an additional 120 staff in 2016 including 100 new pilots in Luxembourg. With this measure, the company aims to improve the current roster situation as well as the work-life balance among its crews. The introduction of enhanced part-time and stand-by systems for its pilots further supports this goal.

Cargolux is also replacing the two 747-400BCF with three nose-door equipped 747-400Fs, as such expanding its fleet from 25 to 26 747 aircraft until the third quarter of 2016.

The Board’s decisions underline Cargolux’s ambition as a truly global player and set the company firmly on a continued path of growth and strength. Despite the challenges of a potential industry action by one of its unions, Cargolux is confident that the above investments in flexibility and reliability for its customers as well as work-life balance for our crews will bring sustainable benefits for all stakeholders.

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