DHL to launch new domestic cargo route in Norway

DHL A300
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Finnmark and Northern Norway will be one step closer to the Asian export markets once DHL establishes a new cargo route between Oslo Airport and Lakselv Airport Banak.

The route will be serviced by an Airbus A300 with a cargo capacity of approximately 40 tons. Depending on volumes and demand, the route will be serviced once to several times a week.

“This gives Lakselv and Finnmark a unique opportunity to reach key export markets for king crab and salmon in Asia. The size of the aircraft enables DHL to get started quickly, without a need for investments with regards to airport infrastructure. The capacity also ensures balanced, reasonable start-up risks, enabling quick increases in capacity and frequency if local businesses start utilizing the service,” says Martin Langaas, Avinor Director Cargo.

“The new cargo route is established to connect with the large cargo crafts and scheduled flights flying from Oslo Airport to Asia and North America. Using this route, DHL will give seafood exporters in Finnmark access to a large and efficient network, reaching global markets. This will provide a significant competitive edge,” explains Trond Ørjan Olsen, Head of Airfreight DHL Global Forwarding.

“The government is looking to facilitate for local businesses, and fresh Finnmark seafood is a highly attractive export commodity. We have put down significant work in coming up with a satisfactory and compliant solution for shipping fresh king crab and salmon from the airport in Lakselv into Asia. I am delighted DHL is now launching a cargo route from Finnmark to Oslo. With the launch comes the opportunity to reach Asian markets quickly,” says Minister of Transport and Communications Ketil Solvik-Olsen.

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