Small Planet Airlines to introduce A321s in their fleet

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Larger Airbus 321 aircraft, additional Airbus 320 aircraft and removal of Boeing 737-300 aircraft, these are the changes to be made by Small Planet Airlines for the holiday season this summer.

In summer, the company’s fleet will total 21 Airbus aircraft.

“As a result of development, we have noticed that there is a growing demand for larger aircraft, therefore we decided to use the advantages of one type of Airbus aircraft and offer our clients the possibility to fly in larger aircraft”, Vytautas Kaikaris, director of Small Planet Airlines, said.

According to Mr Kaikaris, these changes and the upgraded cabins of the aircraft will distinguish the company from other similar airlines in Europe. Passengers will be able to enjoy new cabin interior and exclusive onboard services.

This winter, new concept interior and additional services will be implemented in all aircraft of Small Planet Airlines. This will include installation of the new Recaro seats, special LED lighting, and wireless internal network AirFi, which will allow passengers to stream media to their smart devices. All of these innovations will be implemented in Airbus 321 aircraft too.

In summer, four modern Airbus 321 aircraft manufactured in 2004–2007 will supplement the fleet. They have a longer body than A320 type aircraft, therefore, the company will increase its capacity on the most popular routes. All four 220-seat passenger aircraft will operate flights between airports in Poland and the Mediterranean Sea resorts.

“We are extremely happy that Small Planet Airlines will become an all Airbus operator. The A321’s economic efficiency and product offering relative to the aircraft they will replace ensures that Small Planet Airlines will enhance profitability and customer satisfaction”, Christopher Buckley, Executive Vice President Europe, Africa, and Asia – Pacific, said. According to Mr Buckley, the A321s will fit seamlessly into Small Planet Airlines fleet with its‘ unique cockpit commonality as well as great comfort for its‘ passengers and unbeatable economics.

According to Mr Kaikaris, the company has made a gradual move from Boeing 737-300 to Airbus 320 aircraft ending the process with the replacement of Boeing aircraft altogether. Also, one oldest Airbus 320 was phased out from the fleet this winter and replaced with newer unit. The company plans to upgrade the fleet further by continuing introduction of newer Airbus 320 and Airbus 321 aircraft.

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