Tamara Christ Appointed the New Chief Legal Officer of Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines E195
Austrian Airlines

Tamara Maria Christ (34) will assume the position of Head of Legal Affairs & Compliance of Austrian Airlines as of December 1, 2016.

In this position she will serve as Secretary General and Chief Legal Officer of Austrian Airlines, succeeding Stefan Mara, who took on new Group-level responsibilities at Lufthansa in the field of data protection in October.

“I am pleased that we have lured Tamara Christ to come back home to assume this key position after a stint working for the Lufthansa Group”, says Kay Kratky, CEO of Austrian Airlines.

Dr. Tamara Christ actually began her professional career back in 2003, when she took a part-time job as a passenger service agent for Austrian Airlines in Vienna alongside her doctoral studies in law. Following a one-year court internship and another year as an assistant professor at the Department of Criminal Law of the University of Vienna, she decided to work for Austrian Airlines. In 2008, she accepted a job as a legal expert in the Internal Audit Department, and worked as a compliance officer at Austrian. She transferred to the Legal Department in 2010, and was named Deputy Head of Legal Affairs & Compliance in 2012.

In 2013, the Viennese-born manager moved to Frankfurt to work as the group leader in the Corporate Office, part of the Group Executive Board office of Deutsche Lufthansa AG. In January 2016, she returned to Vienna and assumed a position as Head of Human Resources & Legal Affairs, with responsibility for a significant part of the development work of Eurowings Europe in Vienna.

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