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CAE Training

CAE is the training partner of choice of aviation professionals, airlines, large fleet operators, and aircraft manufacturers the world over. 

With 50+ training locations across the globe, CAE has the largest civil aviation network in the world. Every year, CAE trains more than 135,000 pilots and graduates 1,500+ new pilots  across its global network, from its wholly-owned, joint ventures, third-party and authorized training centres.

More than 2,000 highly-skilled instructors deliver world-class instruction and a dedicated customer service team ensure all your specific needs are met.

From cadet to captain, to cabin crew and maintenance training – to aviation recruitment and technical services – nobody meets your training needs more completely, or so globally.

CAE Training Equipment


With 70 years of experience, CAE knows the importance of having the right tools for effective training delivery.

Discover CAE’s innovative XR Series training equipment suite, from ground school training solutions to full-flight simulators, and enhance your airline’s operational excellence today.

CAE Training Services


CAE offers training and recruitment services to enhance your operational excellence, including:

  • Cadet to Captain Training and Business Pilot Training
  • Cabin Crew Training
  • Aviation Maintenance Training
CAE London Gatwick Training Center


CAE has the world’s largest civil aviation training network, with 300+ full-flight simulators in 50+ training locations in some of the world’s most desirable destinations.

CAE Partners


CAE partners with leading airlines and business aircraft operators, and collaborates with global aircraft manufacturers to create programs that meet its customers’ needs.

This past year and for the first time in its history, CAE provided over 1 million hours of training to its clients. CAE is now the largest civil aviation training company in the world, with over 300 full-flight simulators at more than 50 locations.

With training programmes that span the entire career life cycle of a professional pilot, CAE can provide your commercial airline with solutions that address all of your pilot sourcing needs. Our solutions are flexible and can be completely tailored to suit your airline’s training requirements.

CAE Career Development
Marc Parent CAE CEO

“We are driven by a noble purpose: to make the world a safer place. It is gratifying to know that the training we provide helps make air travel safer. We have put our 70-year training know-how into our products and services. It is a prime example of our commitment to provide our customers with the greatest training experience.”


President and Chief Executive Officer

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