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NetJets pilots ratify 2015 tentative agreement


The NetJets Association of Shared Aircraft Pilots (NJASAP) announced its members have voted to ratify the 2015 Tentative Agreement reached in mid October with NetJets Aviation.

According to the certified election results, 96 percent of the pilot group participated in the referendum with 75.43 percent casting a vote in favor of ratification. In doing so, the pilots have drawn to a close a long and highly contentious contract negotiation. NJASAP represents the 2,700-plus pilots who fly in the service of the Columbus-based Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary.

The unflinching resolve and dedication of the NJASAP Membership has brought us to today – the ratification of a contract that sets the bar even higher in the fractional aviation community,” NJASAP President Pedro Leroux said.

“The Union Executive Board and Negotiators are very pleased with the referendum outcome, and we look forward to partnering with NetJets to develop a seamless implementation plan as well as to sharpening the brand’s competitive edge.”

The ratified agreement features significant enhancements that are consistent with the Association’s goals of protecting, repairing and improving the 2007 Agreement. Specifically, the new deal maintains Company-funded medical insurance, offers enhanced scheduling options, expands scope protections and seniority rights, pays out a signing bonus and increases wages an average of 28 percent.

“In addition to the NJASAP Membership, I am very pleased to extend my gratitude to Union Negotiators and the many volunteers who have dedicated thousands of hours in pursuit of our collective goals,” Leroux said. “Likewise, it is my pleasure to express the Association’s appreciation to the National Mediation Board and Mediator Victoria Gray, in particular, for her guidance and assistance throughout the process.”

With contract negotiations concluded, NJASAP is committed to reinvigorating a once dynamic industry-leading labor-management partnership. To that end, the Union will actively seek partnership opportunities focused on giving its members the tools and resources necessary to maintain NetJets’s incomparable safety, customer service and reliability – the carrier’s distinguishing characteristics.

“In our highly competitive segment of the industry, NetJets has established itself as the leader, and, as the parties move into a new chapter, the pilots will redouble their efforts to ensure customers and owners continue to enjoy an unparalleled experience,” Leroux said.

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