airBaltic Plane Slides Off Taxiway Upon Arrival in Moscow

airBaltic Boeing 737-500
airBaltic Boeing 737-500 YL-BBE | Anna Zvereva CC BY-SA 2.0

Latvian airline airBaltic confirmed that today, on December 6, 2017, due to heavy winds and slippery taxiway its flight BT428 with Boeing 737-500 from Riga to Moscow, slid off the taxiway during taxiing after the landing in Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport.

All passengers have been transported to the terminal and the aircraft as of 13:40 UTC is being towed to a stand for inspection.

According to information provided by flightradar24, the Boeing 737-500, registered as YL-BBE, landed at Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport at 15.14 local time (12.14 UTC)

METAR reports around the time of the incident:

UUEE 061300Z 13005MPS 1800 R06R/1900D SHSN SCT013CB M03/M03 Q1000 R06R/590320 NOSIG
UUEE 061230Z 12004MPS 1000 R06R/1200U SHSN SCT007CB M03/M04 Q1000 R06R/590230 NOSIG
UUEE 061200Z 13005MPS 1500 1400NE R06L/1500U R06R/1500U SN SCT010 M03/M04 Q1001 R06L/520236 R06R/550245 NOSIG
UUEE 061130Z 13004MPS 6000 -SN SCT012 M03/M04 Q1001 R06L/520236 R06R/550245 NOSIG
UUEE 061100Z 13004MPS 3500 -SN SCT010 M03/M04 Q1001 R06L/520236 R06R/550245 NOSIG

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