ATSB report: Engine failure involving SAAB 340 near Dubbo Airport

Regional Express Saab 340
Regional Express Saab 340 | Aeroprints

On 23 March 2017, at about 0942 Eastern Daylight-saving Time, a Regional Express SAAB 340B, registered VH-RXS, departed Dubbo Airport, New South Wales to operate scheduled passenger flight ZL821 to Sydney, New South Wales.

There were three crew and 23 passengers on board.

At about 0944, as the aircraft climbed through about 4,300 ft, the flight crew heard several bangs from the right engine accompanied by jolts through the aircraft. At the same time, the cockpit master warning illuminated and the right engine instruments displayed multiple warnings. The first officer identified a failure of the right engine and the flight crew immediately enacted the memory items of the engine failure checklist.

After completing the memory items, the flight crew commenced the standard failure management procedures. The flight crew secured the right engine and established that the aircraft was performing satisfactorily. The captain identified Dubbo as the most suitable airport for landing. The flight crew reviewed the weather conditions for Dubbo and elected to conduct a visual approach and landing.

At 1004 the aircraft landed on runway 05. No persons were injured and the aircraft suffered minor damage in the incident.

This incident highlights the importance of effective training and emergency procedures. Faced with an abnormal situation, the training provided to the flight crew ensured they were able to effectively implement the standard failure procedures, secure the failed engine and return for a safe landing.

During an emergency, the flight crew prioritise the management of the emergency to ensure that the safety of the flight is not compromised. Completing the emergency procedures, along with the coordination of emergency services and communications with supporting agencies may absorb a significant amount of time before the flight crew are able to provide an update to passengers.

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