Virgin Australia’s Boeing 737 Veers Off the Runway in Darwin

Virgin Australia Boeing 737

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau has launched an investigation into how a Virgin Australia Boeing 737-800, registered VH-VUI, veered off the runway during landing at Darwin International Airport on December 6.

According to the ATSB, the aircraft encountered gusty wind conditions during landing on runway 29 and veered off the runway, resulting in minor damage. Then incident took place at 23:03 CDT (UTC+10.30)

The ATSB has sent two investigators from the Brisbane office to Darwin.

“They are from engineering and air traffic control disciplines and will conduct examination of the runway, surrounding area and aircraft as necessary. It is anticipated they will return to Brisbane on Friday 9 December. Further investigation work will centre around gathering operationally relevant information, including weather, landing data, air traffic control data and aircraft information” the ATSB said in a statement.

Darwin Airport weather reports around the time of the incident:

YPDN 061327Z 29016KT 2000 +TSRA FEW011 BKN020 BKN035 FEW020CB 26/25 Q1010
YPDN 061317Z 23009KT 7000 TSRA FEW018 SCT023 BKN045 FEW023CB 27/25 Q1010
YPDN 061300Z 25007KT 190V310 9999 -TSRA FEW018 SCT023 BKN060 FEW023CB 28/25 Q1009
YPDN 061230Z 31009KT 9999 VCSH FEW018 SCT035 BKN060 29/26 Q1009
YPDN 061200Z 32010KT 9999 -RA FEW018 SCT045 BKN060 30/26 Q1009


(image under CC BY-SA 3.0)

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