Ryanair condemns french ATC strike


Ryanair has condemned the selfish actions of the French ATC unions who once more caused the cancellation of hundreds of flights and delays across Europe following their 41st strike since 2009.

Ryanair has repeatedly called on the French Government and EU Commission to take action to prevent European consumers regularly being held to ransom by tiny numbers of ATC workers, who disrupt not only flights to and from France, but those overflying France, meaning ordinary travellers whose flights neither take-off from or land in a French airport are also suffering cancellations and delays.

Ryanair urged consumers to sign its Keep Europe’s Skies Open petition which calls on the European Commission and European Parliament to protect Europe from repeated blackmail and disruption by ATC unions by:

– Removing the right to strike from Europe’s ATC unions, in the same way that Europe’s police and military are not allowed to strike. However, European ATC workers could still join unions, organise and advance their concerns through mediation or binding arbitration, that do not involve strikes or closing skies over Europe.

– Allowing other European ATCs to manage flights over French airspace during ATC union strike action.

When Ryanair obtains 1m signatures, this petition will be presented in Brussels to the EU Commission and the EU Parliament who will then be forced to consider taking action to prevent these unwarranted disruptions.

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