Deer Jet to operate World’s first Boeing 787 VIP Business Jet

Boeing Business Jet brought the world’s first 787 VIP to one of the world’s most influential business aviation fairs, EBACE 2016, where the aircraft drew extensive attention.

As the emerging star in the Exhibition, the largest business jet operator in Asia, Chinese company Deer Jet shared the same exhibition booth together with Boeing and will soon become the operator of the world’s first Boeing 787 VIP business jet.

The world’s first “Dream Business Jet”

Boeing 787 series was given the title as the “dreamliner” before it was born. Hybrid carbon fiber makes the fuselage lighter, various cutting-edge technologies have been adopted, and the entire design is more passenger-friendly, making Boeing 787 one of the most comfortable aircraft models in the world. Boeing 787 VIP, on the other hand, is the “dream aircraft” in the world’s business aviation industry. It is capable of 17.5hr nonstop flying with a 16,000km ultra-long cruising range, making it able to deliver passengers to most cities in the world in just one flight. Its 0.85mach cruising speed shortens flight time, and its maximum 1850m cabin pressure, fresher air in the cabin and the extra-large cabin space as big as 220m2also allow you with a more comfortable flight.

More powerful operational capacity brings more wonderful services

On May 22nd, during the Boeing Media Night before the opening of EBACE 2016, the president of Hong Kong Jet, an affiliated company of Deer Jet, Denzil White addressed the guests on behalf of Deer Jet, he said: “Boeing 787 VIP is the most high-end business jet in the world, and being the operator of the world’s first Boeing 787 VIP indicates the powerful global operational capacity of Deer Jet.”

Deer Jet has witnessed rapid growth in recent years, and a network is being gradually completed by the founding of three operation companies in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong; Gulf Stream Beijing Technical Service Center has been founded in cooperation with Gulf Stream, and Deer Jet has been granted the authorization of maintenance from Dassault to improve the company’s level of maintenance; meanwhile, Honor Aviation Support was founded for the development of FBOs in Sanya, Haikou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Changsha, Xi’an, Nanning, Guilin, and the improvement of ground handling services; Deer Jet also achieved significant progress through the adjustment of service model, the improvement of service standard, and the enhancement of staff training. In 2015, the market share of Deer Jet in Chinese business aviation market was increased to 70%, and more than 50% of our flight hours are international flights, and Deer Jet has been honored the title of the World’s Leading Private Jet Charter by WTA. More importantly, a good word-of-mouth has been formed in the market.

“Our ‘Focus on customer experience’ strategy not only brought us more customers in recently years, but also significantly improved our operation quality.” Said the president and CEO of Deer Jet, Zhang Peng, “Even though 787 VIP is a new model for us, we are fully capable of its operation and we are confident to guarantee good services for customers. In the meantime, we’ll work with Caissa Travel of HNA to develop more delicate high-end custom-made travel products for more people to experience the wonderfulness of high-end custom-made travel.”

Deer Jet is currently operating nearly 90 business jets, among which there are 4 Boeing Business Jets with which Deer Jet has gained a lot of experiences in the operation of Boeing aircraft models. The travel agent company that is especially focused on high-quality outbound tourism – Caissa Travel – also entered the high-end custom-made travel market 2 years ago and launched a series of business jet packages, which have succeeded in the market as well.

A new page in the history of Chinese business aviation industry

After more than 21 years of development from 1995, Deer Jet was the company that started the business aviation industry in China, and obtained the “World’s Leading Private Jet Charter” by WTA, and now it is going to operate the world’s most advanced business jet. Deer Jet keeps marching forward steadily on its way to internationalization and demonstrating the charm of Chinese business aviation industry to the entire world.

In the future, Deer Jet will spare no efforts in building of a world-class business aviation brand under the guidance of the target of “Becoming a business aviation operation complex in the international industry chain”, and share the pleasures in the sky with all of our business aviation customers.

European Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition (EBACE) is the most authoritative aviation show in Europe, which is jointly held by the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) and the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA), and also one of the world’s most important business aviation shows.

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