Fiji Airways Extends Flight Cancellations

Fiji Airways has announced the cancellation of all international scheduled flights through to the end of July. The cancellations are due to prolonged border closures and travel restrictions as a consequence of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The airline had announced the cancellation of June international services earlier this month. A limited number of domestic Fiji Link services will continue to operate.

Mr. Andre Viljoen, Fiji Airways Managing Director and CEO, said:

“Given that there is still next to no demand for international air travel in the region, regrettably, we have been forced to cancel our July schedules, with further reductions expected in August 2020.

“Most of our international fleet remains in storage, except for aircraft utilized for freighter services. These services are keeping vital supply lines open between Fiji and its key trading partners. Border restrictions will need to ease in order for travel demand to return and international services to resume.”

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