Jazz Pilots Endorse Tentative Agreement as Airline Announces Fleet Expansion

Leadership for the Jazz Aviation pilots, who are represented by the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l (ALPA), endorsed a tentative agreement (TA) with their management on the same day that Chorus Aviation, parent company of Jazz Aviation, and Air Canada announced terms to extend their capacity purchase agreement (CPA) to 2035 and increase the Jazz fleet with an additional 14 CRJ900s.

Jazz Aviation reaching a tentative agreement with its pilots was a prerequisite for the capacity purchase agreement extension. The Jazz ALPA leadership will now send the agreement to the airline’s more than 1,500 pilots for ratification.

“By announcing a new agreement with Air Canada, our management has signaled that they are focused on the future and will continue to provide Air Canada customers and our employees the best possible service and place to work well into the future,” said Capt. Claude Buraglia, chairman of the Jazz chapter of ALPA. “Jazz pilots deserve a voice in the long-term company vision, and our careers. This agreement will provide real improvements to our current contract and improve the quality of life of Jazz pilots.” 

As part of the capacity purchase agreement, Air Georgian’s 12 CRJ200 aircraft will be placed at Jazz, while all Air Georgian pilots will be offered employment at Jazz. The deal also includes an enhanced career-progression path for Jazz pilots wishing to transition to Air Canada, while also stabilizing pay rates for the pilots. “By joining Jazz, Air Georgian pilots’ career paths will be enhanced significantly through better wages and working conditions until either a potential move to Air Canada, or while making Jazz a career airline,” said Capt. Jim Macarthur, chairman of the Air Georgian chapter of ALPA.

The amendments to and extension of the CPA as well as the fleet increase are contingent on full Jazz pilot ratification of the TA.

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