Norwegian Reports Strong Year-End Traffic Figures

Norwegian reported its year-end and December 2012 traffic results. A total of 17.7 million passengers travelled with Norwegian in 2012, an increase of 13 percent compared with the previous year.

“I´m very pleased with the 2012 traffic figures. They illustrate that more and more passengers appreciate our product, including new, more environmentally friendly and more comfortable aircraft and free in-flight WiFi. It´s also particularly satisfying to get proof of our world-class reliability,” said CEO Bjørn Kjos.

Every flight conducted by a Norwegian passenger is on average more than 1,200 kilometers. This is a major increase compared to 2011 and reflects that Norwegian has a great number of longer flights between destinations in the Nordics and southern parts of Europe and North Africa in its extensive route network. The significant increase in distance traveled explains why the RPK grows more than the actual passenger figures.

Norwegian took delivery of 13 brand new Boeing 737-800 aircraft in 2012. The company´s fleet renewal program continues in 2013 with the delivery of 14 new 737-800s; in addition the company´s first 3 Boeing 787 Dreamliner to be used on long-haul flights will be delivered.

Solid December Growth

Norwegian carried 1,266,806 passengers in 2012, up 8 percent compared with the same month previous year. The total RPK was up 19 percent while the ASK increased by 21 percent. Also the unit revenues increased in December; the RASK was up 5 percent. The load factor was 76 percent.

Norwegian completed 98.8 percent of its scheduled flights this month, where of 67.3 percent departed on schedule. December´s on-time performance was significantly affected by challenging weather conditions at Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen airports. However, the overall 2012 on-time performance was satisfying. Norwegian was for instance the most punctual airline in Norway, according to Avinor´s official figures.  Among the largest airlines at Scandinavian airports, Norwegian has the lowest number of cancellations.

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