Thai Airways Cancels Flights to Pakistan and all European Routes

Airlines operating flights from East Asia to destinations in Europe are having to reroute their flights away from Pakistan and Northern India.

The airspace is closed because of escalating tension between the two countries, following the shooting down of two Indian military jets.

Thai Airways announced that its flights to Pakistan have been cancelled due to sudden closure of Pakistani airspace as a result of  tension between India and Pakistan.

Flight Lieutenant PratanaPatanasiri, Thai Airways Vice President, Aviation Safety, Security and Standards Department, said that Pakistani airspace closed suddenly due to tension between India and Pakistan. Therefore, Thai has canceled its flights to Pakistan and flights operated through Pakistani airspace on 27 February 2019, as follows:

  • Flights TG341 and TG342 to and from Bangkok-Karachi
  • Flights TG345 and TG346 to and from Bangkok-Lahore
  • Flights TG349 and TG350 to and from Bangkok-Islamabad

Flights to London, Moscow and Frankfurt, that operate through Pakistani airspace, were returned to Bangkok and arrived safely at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Furthermore, Thai has canceled the following eleven flights to destinations in Europe that were operated on 27 and 28 February 2019:

On 27 February 2019:

  • Flight TG920 from Bangkok-Frankfurt

On 28 February 2019:

  • Flight TG910 from Bangkok to London
  • Flight TG924 from Bangkok to Munich
  • Flight TG930 from Bangkok to Paris
  • Flight TG934 from Bangkok to Brussels
  • Flight TG940 from Bangkok to Milan
  • Flight TG936 from Bangkok to Vienna
  • Flight TG960 from Bangkok to Stockholm
  • Flight TG970 from Bangkok to Zurich
  • Flight TG950 from Bangkok to Copenhagen
  • Flight TG954 from Bangkok to Oslo

The following flights from destinations in Europe to Bangkok on 27 February 2019 have been cancelled:

  • Flight TG911 from London to Bangkok
  • Flight TG921 from Frankfurt to Bangkok
  • Flight TG931 from Paris to Bangkok
  • Flight TG941 from Milan to Bangkok
  • Flight TG945 from Rome to Bangkok
  • Flight TG971 from Zurich to Bangkok
  • Flight TG951 from Copenhagen to Bangkok
  • Flight TG961 from Stockholm to Bangkok
  • Flight TG955 from Oslo to Bangkok
  • Flight TG925 from Munich to Bangkok

The airline said it is monitoring the situation closely in order to properly assess the situation and plans to operate flights on an alternative route that does not overflies Pakistan and it is now waiting for the necessary approvals.

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