Estonian Air and Pilots Union sign Collective Agreement

Estonian Air and Estonian Pilots Trade Association (ELA) signed a Collective Agreement which has been confirmed by the Supervisory Board of Estonian Air which had its regular meeting today.

The Collective Agreement is valid up till 31 January 2014.

“The company has signed the Collective Agreement with ELA and from now on the management can carry on the implementation of Estonian Air restructuring,” commented Erkki Raasuke, the Chairman of Estonian Air Supervisory Council.

“After signing the Agreement, Estonian Air is able to focus on its daily operations on passenger servicing,” said Jan Palmér, the CEO of Estonian Air. “Today we can assure to our customers that all Estonian Air flights are operated according to the schedule.“

According to Rauno Menning, the Chairman of the Pilots Trade Association, an agreement has been achieved regarding rest and duty times. “The Collective Agreement will ensure the industrial peace inside the company,” added Menning.

The Collective Agreement is regulating duty and rest time, working conditions and relations between the airline and the Trade Union.

The provisions of the new Collective Agreement signed by the Pilots Trade Association are extended to all pilots of Estonian Air. The Pilots Trade Association is uniting approximately 80 pilots, out of which 70 are working at Estonian Air.
On 13 December 2012, Estonian Air signed a Collective Agreement with Estonian Air Cabin Crew Union which is valid up till the end of 2013. The Estonian Air Cabin Crew Union is uniting approximately 80 crew members.

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